Houston’s Restaurant is Being Called a Racist Establishment!


And Old Schools own Porsche Foxx talked to Debra Antney about everything!

On Friday, October 6th, Atlanta relater Jay Morrison went to Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta to have lunch with a few of his employees when he was denied services, because his party was too large.

When he was asked if he can split up the party into two tables, he was denied and asked to leave the establishment! This same exact issue happened with Love&Hip Hop’s own Debra Antney who said she too experienced the same treatment!

The question is, was this an issue of race? The answer from Debra would be YES!

“I have never had an issue with the food from Houston’s, only the racial profiling” said Debra on The Porsche Foxx show today!

Even Atlanta’s own T.I. went to the streets and protested along with Jay and Debra to get Houston’s shut down, which it did, for two days straight!

Jay is also in the middle of a law suit with the restaurant and we will continue to update the story as it develops.

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