New Reports Claims Usher Doesn’t Have Herpes


Confessions Part 3!

As of late, reports surfaced that Usher was being sued by numerous informers who assert the vocalist did not surrender a heads that he purportedly had herpes before having sex. One informer documented a $20 million claim against the vocalist for professedly tainting her with herpes. Alongside that, a man has charged Usher too. The latest news in the Usher adventure originated from an informer named Quintasia Sharpton, who said she tried negative for herpes however charges that the artist did not illuminate her that he had the STD. Presently, as per, Usher may not really have herpes.

Already, it was accounted for that Usher dispensed $1.1 million of every a 2012 settlement after the star purportedly apologized for giving the illness to the lady he was included with. Nonetheless, Sandra Rose is stating those reports are false, as sources near Usher demonstrated the site archives and photographs that demonstrate the vocalist did not pay the lady that measure of cash. Alongside that, it was accounted for that Usher and his group issued a $2,754 check to take care of medicinal expenses for the lady. In any case, the check was cut from a bookkeeping firm as an installment for keeping an eye on in 2012 for Usher’s kids.

In spite of what is by all accounts new claims emerging each day, Usher’s better half Grace Raymond has remained by the artist’s side. The site noticed that the vocalist is “discreetly constructing a slander body of evidence against everybody included—including legal advisors and informers.”

As of late, an informer named Quantasia Sharpton turned out and said that Usher did not illuminate her of his claimed STD status before they had sex. Hence, Sharpton is joining a claim that was recorded against the artist. The young lady is being spoken to by Lisa Bloom, a similar attorney who helped Blac Chyna get a limiting request against Rob Kardashian.

Since turning out as an informer against Usher, Sharpton’s online networking posts have gone across the board, with two Facebook posts specifically that appear to intimate that the lady was parched to get a look at of this circumstance. One post said “I require some cash,” while the other one said “Making the most of my most recent few hours as a consistent young lady.” Both of the posts were set up precisely one week under the steady gaze of the claim. Lisa Bloom has issued an announcement clearing up her customer’s online networking posts, saying, “It’s not a wrongdoing to be poor in America. It’s not a wrongdoing to speak the truth about the reality you require cash. A great many people require cash.” In reference to the “customary young lady” post, Bloom said that Sharpton is “so overcome to venture forward.”

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