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Wildfires in California!


100 People Missing!

Hurricane Harvey Now Most Expensive Disaster in US History!


Estimated cost of $190 billion!

Hurricane Irma Can Affect the US

Hurricane Irma - Sept 3 2017 2am_1504505399364_65588955_ver1.0_640_480

Florida Governor declares state of emergency for the entire state.

Trump to Lift Ban on Selling Military Equipment to Police Forces

2017-02-11-1486846762-7068853-trump (1)

Policeman Armed With Military Equipment!

Remembering Mike Brown!

140824-michael-brown-4p_e151133bf82ab2e33cf09a4fe0ebb405 (1)

3 Years Later!

North Korea Threatens Strike on U.S. Military Base in Guam


Hawaii is NOW a Target!

What’s In Your Burrito?

Rats! Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG) Stock Is Falling Apart!

Chipotle can’t seem to catch a break!  Details inside…

Georgia Joins Several Southern States In Speeding Crackdown

Speeders beware! Details inside…

Venus Williams Advances To The Wimbledon Final!

venus wiiliams

After defeating Johanna Konta in the Semi-Final…

Mercedes-Benz Stadium looking to “draft” workers…

Image result for mercedes benz stadium

Are you looking for a part-time job?  Find out more inside!